Chois Grill House

A New Grill House is in town! Located at Centro Maximo Unit 101 D Jakosalem St., Cebu City is Chois  Grill House.

When asked why the name Chois? Mr. Bjorn Marco Garces, the owner and the chef of the restaurant said Chois means CHOICE. He just intended to put a little bit of twist of the letters to give the word its own meaning as what he really wants to relay to his customers is that he wants to serve them their choice.

Open from Sundays to Saturdays, from 11am until 9 pm, Chois Grill House is a great option for health enthusiasts. Almost everything is grilled and not to mention, their quench thirsting drinks are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. 

There were six of us - bloggers who got lucky to try their food at Chois Grill House. I was surprised with their very fair prices, considering the very delicious food they are serving.

Here are some of the top items in their Menu:

Chicken, Sauce, Side Dish & Unlimited Rice for Php 179.00

Pork, Sauce, Side Dish & Unlimited Rice for Php 199.00

Chois Pork Ribs

Chois Six House Sauces:
Smoky Barbecue Sauce, Asian Style Barbecue Sauce, Spicy Cream Sauce, Garlic Cream Sauce, Spicy, Sweet & Sour Sauce and Classic Sauce

Lettuce Roll

Chois Smoky Barbecue Burger
Chois House Salad

Chois Rice Toppers
Here are the three refreshing thirst quenchers of Chois Grillhouse:

Watermelon and Basil, Lemon Mint Iced Tea & Cucumber and Mint

Chef Garces purposedly opened this Grill house after his mom got diagnosed with cancer. He then learned to eat healthy and became very conscious in preparing food for his mom, hence the birth of Chois Grill House.

Food Bloggers of Cebu with Bjorn Marco Garces

For Reservations:


contact #: 0998 253 1954
fb: choisgrillhouse
instagram: choisgrillhouse