BCBA 2017

This coming December 3, the 10th Awards Night will be held at Cebu Parklane International Hotel. As Co-presented by PLDT Home and Megaworld Corporation, BCBA2017 will reveal the Winners under different Niches such as Best Cebu Technology Blog, Best Cebu Personal Blog, Best Cebu Travel Blog, Best Cebu Food Blog, Best Cebu Style Blog, Best Cebu Photo Blog and Best Cebu Entertainment Blog and the newly added, Best Cebu Video Blog.

To quote what Mark Monta said, the founder of BCBA, "There are newbie Bloggers who question this Awarding Body. Is it rigged?" started BCBA Founder Mark Monta. "No, these Blogger-Volunteers who run this organization never arrange the outcome or results! When your blog is not listed as Finalist then it needs improvement in many ways such as Search Engine Optimization or page structuring or content analysis, or images and links analysis - if they are broken, then you should work and resolve them and be back next year's nomination. It is not just about high-quality images or perfect grammar. Remember, it is a Blog, not a newspaper. BCBA is here to guide you. BCBA has always been helpful to Bloggers who truly give their best and who are very passionate about their craft." he answered in his blog article.

We are forever thankful for the following  sponsors who made all these possible:

As a blogger since 2012, All I ever dream was to be a messenger to the world. To be able to help in sending out messages to the people about what's happening in the world. To be the microphone of the public in raising up their concerns and giving them accurate information.

When I became part of the Cebu Bloggers Society, it gives a complete sense of why I am here today. It confirms my passion to have a purpose of its own. To use it with great responsibility - I never imagined to be nominated in BCBA, as I am only doing it with no expectations -  no rewards claimed. But It is indeed true that whenever you love what you are doing and you are doing it your best, recognition will follow,  hence this blog.