Magbuwag Ta Kay Movie Review

Cebuanos, set your minds and hearts ready as our very own Akiko Solon, Medyo Maldito and Snake Princess will be breaking your heart and ironically will make you laugh too in a romantic comedy Cebuano movie entitled Magbuwag ta Kay…

Not only does this movie will make you cry but it will also teach you a very important lesson of the true meaning of loving someone and that is letting go. Yes it is indeed ironic to let go of someone you love but it is by being unselfish that defines how you really love that person well. 

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With the message of the movie, It is well explained by the song Set you free:

If loving you is all that means to me
When being happy is all I hope you'd be
Then loving you must mean
I really have to set you free...

Me with Akiko Solon

The main characters of the movie both Roy and Kay are in dilemma of breaking up for the sake of Kay needing to go to Canada to obey what her parents asked her to do for the sake of her future. Though hurting from this situation the main characters are trying their best to do what they think would be best for them and that's to let go.
Accepting that long distance may not work for them they both opted to just give each other the freedom to be happy.


All of the scenes were taken here in Cebu. Effortless to say, Cebu is a great location, filled with exceptional crystal blue waters and white sand beaches. The view of the sea and the city lights convey the light and happy atmosphere set up to show the love story of the two characters.

Despite their loneliness and confusion of each other's situation, Characters' script was kept with humor and full of life. Series of unfortunate events may have happened but still,  light and happy tone were maintained.

Promoting our very own Cebuano music with our very own composers and musicians, the movie indeed is a great avenue for showcasing our very own Cebuano artists and talents.  Cebuano songs undoubtedly add up the mood of the love story in the movie. The love song vividly emblazons the hurt and the love that both Kay (Akiko) and Roy(Medyo Maldito) are feeling.

All roles were given justice by the actors of the movie. Even just by looking at their facial expression, you can feel their sadness, their hurt and their joys. Their eyes were just so evocative of their feelings in each scene. I greatly admire how each of the characters contributed to the success of the movie, Magbuwag ta Kay.

Overall Rating of Magbuwag ta Kay:

I would say 9 over 10, leaving one missing point as an area for improvement. Though I would say,  we are climbing the ladder of success with the story and cinematography but we would always have to avoid being complacent and continue to be competitive. This movie proves that Cebuanos can already make it to the national cinema and even to the international. Indeed, the movie is not just about two people in love but it is a love story that is not perfect but made perfect because of how they learn the art of letting go.

Kudos to all artists involved in this film, Magbuwag ta Kay…
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