Pasko sa Bluewaters Sumilon Island Resort

Has it ever crossed your mind on what the best pursuit will be in introducing our culture to foreigners and tourists? Where can you take your visitors to give them a glimpse of your identity?

That was the same question I had before and luckily, I found the answer after attending the Pasko sa Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort last December 02-03, 2017.

Bluewater Sumilon Christmas Tree

Maribago Bluewater Resorts in Mactan, Sumilon Island and in Bohol are wholly owned by  Filipinos. With this one fact, it already give us an idea on what their best services will be - of course, that shouldn't be a question anymore - Bluewater Sumilon Resort is excellent in showcasing the Filipino culture to their guests.

That was indeed the highlight of the Pasko sa Bluewater Sumilon. It became a time capsule in taking me back to the time when our culture was the only thing we knew.. Intensely, this whole experience was an eye-opener for me on how great it will be if only we stick to exhibiting our very own identity as Filipinos through our food, dances, songs and many more.

Filipino's favorite - Lechon!

Filipino's favorite - Lechon! by the Lechon diva herself

The people preparing the food with the lechon diva

Filipino's all-time food - barbecue

Varieties of Filipino food were highlighted on that night

Filipino street food

Our adorable table with a Filipino set- up

Still thinking if how this bahalina drink taste like

Bahalina drink - our own Filipino drink made of coconut

Philippines' National Dance - The Tinikling

 It was a night full of love and pride. Bluewater Sumilon's love for the country was vividly exhibited that evening. Visitors from various countries were enjoying! They also had fun tasting our food and observing the Filipino culture that is, unfortunately, slowly diminishing as generations pass by. One American even commented that it's the kind of visit he wished for, to learn and understand the culture of the country. Those words made me think and appreciate our beloved Philippines even more.

I can't resist the festive ambiance of Bluewater Sumilon

With my newly found friends from the US

From (L to R) The Chef of Bluewater Sumilon with a fellow blogger Charity Oh, me and Chef Pepita (the Lechon diva)

A chance of being able to live for a day embracing and savoring the Filipino culture as instilled and preserved by the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. From their Pandan welcome drinks to their food, the Bahalina cocktail, their dance, the festive ambiance and the presence of Mr. Joseph Gara, the grand winner of Vispop 4.0.. it makes me the proudest to be a Filipino. Seeing foreigners very happy as they learn about our culture, their excitement to taste Filipino food and their eagerness to learn a little of our language was definitely a day of celebration for the 12th year Anniversary of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. Thank you, Bluewater Sumilon Island for raising our identity as Filipinos. I will always be a supporter of your vision and mission.