Maayo Hotel - Cebuanos' pride

Nowadays, we would find it amazing and feels really good to have an establishment,  like a hotel that you can relate - something that you can call your own. Something that you can be proud of.

Last December 2017, I was honored to receive an invitation to experience Maayo Hotel at its best. We all know that this hotel is in its soft opening and I got very curious to know more about what this hotel can offer. 

What I like about Maayo is - it simply connotes me and us as Cebuanos.. because unambiguously, Maayo speaks about us as good people who give great service! Maayo means best or great!

The front desk receptionists say,"Maayong Hapon"

I got really excited to be the bearer of good news - I want to share my unforgettable experience at MAAYO HOTEL.

The moment I stepped in the big door of Maayo Hotel, I can see the people standing at the door, at the lobby and even at the front desk wearing their big wide smile and greeting me "Maayong Hapon! "(which means "good afternoon" in Cebuano) and I gave them a smile too with a heart filled with pride. 

My room at Maayo Hotel
On my way to the front desk, I was welcomed with Cebuano hospitality - very quick verification and lo and behold, the next thing I know, I got my card key for my room.

When I got in the room, I am so impressed with the interiors of the room, it is a fusion of the traditional and contemporary Filipino designs especially the door. It is so Filipino.. the door has our Filipino mat-like design (known as banig in Cebuano).

A letter from the GM.. Thank you, Maayo Hotel!

Now, my favorite part is, of course, trying their food.

Maayo Hotel is promoting wellness, they have a wide array of options promoting good healthy diets like brown rice, green food like veggies and fruits. Moreover, our own Filipino food options are on the buffet table like champorado, saging, camote, kakanin and many more.
A glimpse of how smiling the Maayo servers are

Filipino designed lights

With my friend, Christine

Getting to know the food in Maayo hotel

Maja Blanca

Back ribs

Vietnamese vegetable rolls
"Uma, the hotel´s all-day dining outlet now serves mouthwatering breakfast buffet recipes for guests at only P400.00 per person."

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact them at (032) 5170200.

Let me give you a quick tour of their lobby:

Maayo hotel's lobby

the waterfall design in Maayo hotel

the birds

Maayo hotel's lobby

Maayo hotel's lobby

Maayo Dos is one of the Maayo hotel's function rooms

the big tree near the stairs

I love the feels in Maayo lobby, it is so homey and it somehow gives you nature feels which Cebu is known for. In the lobby, you will be able to see the fountain in a form of waterfalls, near the stairs is a big tree and there are birds design flying. It is definitely very unique and incomparable from the rest. It talks about who we are and what Cebu is.

Maayo Hotel's pool area at the roof deck:

love the view here

so peaceful

I enthusiastically played their grand piano in the lobby and have been enjoying the night while reminiscing my old hobby of playing the piano.

me playing the grand piano of Maayo hotel
 Then I had a good night sleep in the soft, smooth and comfortable bed.

Early morning, I peeked out of the window and I was surprised at how beautiful the sunrise view of Maayo Hotel's rooftop.

It is overlooking the Mactan bridge and the very busy streets of Mandaue City.

Now, you don't have to go to Bantayan Island or any islands of Cebu to capture a picturesque view of the Sunrise. At Maayo Hotel, you can get all you want to capture by just spending a night in the new Cebuano hotel - Maayo Hotel.

The impressive view of the sunrise at Maayo hotel.

So grand and magnificent