Surfing in San Juan, La Union

Last January 30, 2018 -  I had my second chance to surf but this time it's at Kahuna Beach,  San Juan, La Union. It's my first time to visit San Juan, so by default, I was full of excitement especially because I got the chance to travel with good friends.

loving the beach at Kahuna, San Juan, La Union

loving the beach at Kahuna, San Juan, La Union
How to get to San Juan, La Union:

* If you are in a private vehicle, take an hour and a half to 2 hours road trip from Baguio City to La Union, passing through Naguilan Road to the town called San Juan. There are a lot of choices for you choose from on where to surf, some of the surfing beaches are  Kahuna beach, Flotsam and Surf Shack. On this trip, we chose Kahuna beach since we have a kid and we want to give him a safe place to swim.

**If you will be commuting from Baguio, you may opt for the following:
From Baguio
Travel time: 2 hours
Fare: P104

Take an air-conditioned bus bound for San Fernando, Vigan, Abra, or Laoag via:
Partas (Gov. Pack Road)
Fariñas (Gov. Pack Road)
Philippine Rabbit (Gov. Pack Road)

 For reservations and overnight package, you may contact the following:
 1. Kahuna Beach Resort

     Call (072) 607 1040
     Facebook page:

Kahuna Beach Resort has complete amenities in which you will surely enjoy, may you choose to spend an overnight stay or day use. It will definitely gives you the comfort and security of a home away from home.

Kahuna's infinity pool has its grand view fronting the beach as you watch the surfers overcoming their fears and just flowing with the big waves of South China Sea. Kahuna's Cafe is overlooking the beach too, so while you are having a meal or a cup of coffee, you will feel relax as the sea breeze touches your face and the water is welcoming you in.

For more options on where to stay in La Union, here are some of the best:

 2.  FLOTSAM and JETSAM Artist Beach Hostel
       SurfTown, La Union, PHILIPPINES
      Call 0917 802 1328

3.  Surf Shack
     238 National Highway, San Juan, La Union
     San Juan, La Union
     Call (072) 607 4914

If you want to surf, you can just go down the resort to the beach and you can rent a surfing board for an hour and that's already with an instructor for Php 450. You can expect that before your one hour ends, you will be ready to surf alone.