The New Sheriff's Grill

Yes! A cozy place with your comfort food and a bunch of your favorite people is a perfect treat for you!

It is such a pleasure for me to be the bearer of good news, A new Sheriff is in town! Opening their doors to the Cebuanos early this January, people are starting to get crazy over their great food at affordable prices.

The New Sheriff's Grill - A Wild West theme Resto!

I was one of the lucky customers who were able to try their food a few days after they launched.

And I have enjoyed every bite of the ribs, every munch of the soft meat and every chew of their delicious and savory viands.

Let me just share with you whats on top of their menu:

Chili Dynamite for P158

Calamares for P238

Adobong Kangkong for P88

Fish Sinigang for P188

Lechon ( 1/2 kilo for 268 & 1 kilo for P308)

Sizzling Pork Steak for P168

Pork Barbeque for P88

 Pork Belly for P128

Sizzling Chicken for P148

Sizzling Bulalo for P200

Baby Back Ribs for P188

Sheriff's Grill Halo Halo for P48

Sheriff's Grill

Sheriff's Grill

Imagine yourself in a backyard or a food hub somewhere in Texas watching men in their cowboys' attire riding a horse and hurriedly comes in to quench their thirsts and fill in their stomachs with their comfort food and making themselves comfortable from the heat of the day. That is what Sheriff's Grill is offering to us. Its unique theme is giving us a notable and an extraordinary experience.
Not only providing a great adventure but stretches your budget to go a long way.

A new hub for the Cebuanos called the Sheriff's Grill. A new stop where people visiting tourist spots in Cordova like the Happy Museum, 10,000 Roses Cafe and Lantaw Floating Restaurant can grab and enjoy a bite with their friends and family.

For Inquiries and Reservations:
Sheriff's Grill

3336 P. Rodriguez St., Canjulao (81.61 mi)

Lapu-Lapu City 6015

(032) 516 0913