Metro Cookfest 2018

It was an exciting day for the shoppers of Super Metro in Colon today (March 24, 2018) as Nutri Asia in cooperation with Metro Department Store Supermarket and Super Metro sponsored the Metro Cookfest 2018.

The venue of the  Cookfest in Super Metro-Colon

The Nutri Asia Metro Cookfest 2018

The staffs behind the Metro Cookfest

As early as ten in the morning, the staffs of Nutri Asia and Super Metro were all busy preparing for the big event of making their customers happy as they were so thrilled to give back the joy to their loyal shoppers.

I was a witness of the said event, though it was my first time to cover a cooking show, I was enthralled and very expectant of how this activity will motivate the people to enjoy and participate in the cookfest.

Three contestants were given time to roam around the supermarket to buy their Nutri Asia ingredients for the cooking contest while the guest chef from Manila was doing her cooking demo for the Sarciadong Isda.
The guest chef from Manila having her cooking demo for the Sarciadong Isda

the spices with eggs for the Sarciadong Isda

The finished product: The Sarciadong Isda

In about 30 minutes, the contestants were all ready to start cooking.

Each of them was supplied with condiments like UFC ketchup and Golden Fiesta Oil for them to use and a hotplate and ladle for cooking.

 Metro Cookfest contestant # 1

Metro Cookfest contestant # 2

Metro Cookfest contestant # 3

Simultaneously, while the contestants were busy cooking their own recipes, the guest chef, had another cooking demo, and this time for Pork Giniling with UFC Banana Ketchup. 

There were a lot of people cheering and taking videos/pictures of the contestants. All of them were excited to taste the food these contestants were preparing. Finally, the time is up! They all have to serve their food for us to taste.

The Pork Giniling with UFC Banana Ketchup

The Metro Cookfest 2018
Free taste sampling with Mang Tomas

The sampling continues..

We were invited for the free tasting and really had a great time with the Metro Cookfest!