Olanggo Island, Cebu

Olanggo Island is a fifteen to twenty-five minute boat ride from the port of Punta Engaño beside Movenpick Hotel. With a fare of Php15.00 per person, you will be brought to the majestic and serene abode of migratory waterbirds.


On May 14, 1992, the Olanggo Island Wildlife Sanctuary was established as a protected area through Presidential Proclamation No., 903 in recognition of the area being a feeding ground and temporary shelter for both migratory and resident wildlife species.

Our Trip:

March 10  to 11 of this year, I and some of my friends went to Olanggo Island for the purpose of being able to get great shots of birds and capture flying migratory birds (if lucky enough! crossing my fingers..) I'm excited to learn about bird photography and I'm grabbing this opportunity as my friend is really into birds. 

Olanggo Island Wildlife Sanctuary:

When we arrived on the island, we went straight to Olanggo Island Wildlife Sanctuary. From the port to OIWS may take 15 minutes via tricycle with a fare of Php30/head.

Entrance in OIWS is Php 100/person if not taking professional shots with DSLR camera and Php 500/person for those who wish to take shots of the birds.

Yes, quite expensive but since it was really my goal to learn bird photography, I paid the Php 500.00 but I did not have any regrets as I achieved my plan.

Let me give you some sample shots I got from our trip.

SUNSET at Sagastrand Resort

We stayed overnight at the Sagastrand Resort where my friend booked a whole villa which is very luxurious. It has 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms and a living room where we spent almost the whole night editing our pictures for posting.

We had a great time and sumptuous dinner together trying spider shells (saang in bisaya) which is very prominent in Olanggo Island. But the most surprising thing was the SUNSET at the beach..

Here are my favorite shots of the sunset: the different shades of the sunset.