HideAway Dive Hostel

Twenty to thirty minutes away from the airport is a home for the divers which recently opened to backpackers and travelers.

Hide away hostel offers you a warm and comfortable home in the island of Mactan. If your goal in visiting Cebu is to discover the various pristine waters of the northern part of Cebu, then HideAway Dive Hostel is your number one choice. It just doesn't just offer you a room with a very reasonable price but it also extends its service for freediving courses.

At my back is one of the bamboo huts that accommodates three persons

Enjoying the heat of the sun

I was very fortunate to be invited to their relaunching last May 12, 2018 (Saturday) in which they get us to experience free diving. Diving instructor, David Webb made us do static breathing techniques ready for free diving. The best part of this day's adventure was the venue wherein we sailed two hours and thirty minutes to the North Sand Bar for the freediving course. It was a surprise for me to be able to know that I am capable of holding my breath to more than a minute underwater applying the breathing techniques of what coach Dave taught us.

On our way to the Mactan port where the boat that will take us to the North Sand Bar is waiting.

The port

 With my fellow digital Influencers: Glyth of Glitterzescapades, Jeane of ViajeraCebuana, Dilon of Byahe ni Dilon, Ly of Overrated Friday, Kim Charlie of I am Kim Charlie, and Orly- the Hideaway business consultant (from R- L)

 And look we are complete! The digital influencers with our dive coach: Dave and the owner of Hideaway Dive Hostel

with my fellow influencers

 So glad to have this trip with my fellow bloggers

 The North Sand Bar

Adding to the new lesson of free diving is the beautiful long stretch of North Sand Bar of Bohol which surprisingly was my first time to see this heavenly stunning sand bar. Good thing, we were given few minutes to take our photos.

And of course, I won't miss taking pic

 more pose

My turn for the static breathing exercise with coach Dave

 With all of us

Having pork and chicken barbecue for lunch

And our healthy boodle fight lunch

At four thirty in the afternoon, we arrived safely in Mactan. We were fetched by the van of Hideaway hostel back to its premises. We made ourselves ready for our dinner at the roof deck with a great sunset view where they put on carpets and pillows for us to be comfortable to sit in. 

Our view in going back to the city

we were asked to customize our Hideaway shirt

It's basically normal for us to help and work as a team

The view from the roof deck of Hideaway Dive Hostel

HideAway Dive Hostel relaunches its service as a one-stop shop for the divers, backpackers, and families. They also served healthy options for your meals. And because of their love for diving, they opened their diving museum where they showcased various gears, suits, cameras and a lot of stuff that you can use for diving.

The hostel has 6 rooms with room one offering bed space and 2 bamboo huts for families. For as low as P1550, you can already book their bamboo hut (with shared bathroom), good for three with continental breakfast. For their double room with a shared bathroom it's as low as P1450 with continental breakfast and for their bunk bed its P650 with breakfast. 

With this low prices offered only at the Hideaway Dive hostel, you can enjoy and try a lot of water activities in Mactan, Cebu.