Ani Restaurant of Maayo Hotel

Ani Restaurant

Ani Restaurant is situated on the 16th floor of Maayo Hotel. Set to give a glorious and luxurious view of the city, It is one of the best venues for any romantic dates with your special someone or to dine for a special celebration with your family.

The charming view of the city at Ani.

The bar at Ani where you can sit to order cocktails or any drinks

The interiors of Ani. A fusion of contemporary Filipino - Hispanic design set to give a Filipino theme.

The very romantic and intimate table for two

A table for family and groups

Ani Restaurant caters not only to families but for business meetings as well.

It gives you a more comfortable seat for better relaxation

And of course, the very friendly staff of Ani Restaurant delighted to serve each customer.

Ani Restaurant is perfectly suited for entertaining important guests, hosting corporate events and celebrating special occasions in life. This charming restaurant highlights a thoughtfully designed communal table and showcases Filipino culinary heritage through its special feature on local ingredients and flavors. (

Opening Hours;
Contemporary cuisine with Filipino and Asian influence will be served at the restaurant throughout the following hours:
Open lunch 11:00am to 2:00pm
Open dinner 6:00pm to 11:00

Seating Capacity
85 pax
2 private rooms with a 12 person capacity per room
Communal table for 14 – 16 people

When I and my friend had our dinner, we had these orders to experience great food tantamounting to the great and exuberant place only at Ani.

my favorite tomato soup for my appetizer

Salmon Fish with green lettuce for my main course

Matcha cheesecake for my dessert