Maayo Hotel's New Suite Room

For this month of May, I was scheduled to travel to the beautiful Coron Islands of Palawan, Philippines. And since my flight was at 5:30 am, I and my friends decided to look for a hotel where we can stay overnight that should be near to Mactan airport for us to not wake up too early for our next day trip.

Since I already have an experience at Maayo hotel and it's basically ten to fifteen minutes from the airport, so we were settled to book the suite room. We arrived at six in the evening and I, personally was mesmerized by the beauty and luxury of the suite room. We were very lucky to be the first to experience it. And for that, I want to give you a tour of my room and the new restaurant at the roof deck, Ani restaurant. (

Maayo's New Suite Room: bedroom

Maayo's New Suite Room: living room
My welcome cake at Maayo Hotel
The flowers in the room
My Bath tub at Maayo Hotel

The luxurious bathroom of Maayo Hotel

The Japanese toilet seat

Very comfortable making my blog in my room

Another view of my workstation

Dining area

Living Room
My warm bed for tonight, only at Maayo Hotel's suite room

The snugly bed at Maayo Hotel's suite room

A view of the mini kitchen of Maayo's suite room

The Amenities