Coron Islands, Philippines

Undeniably, THE PHILIPPINES is blessed with countless wonderful and grand natural resources. Pristine blue waters and crystal white sands here, luxurious marine life there and friendly people everywhere.

Coron Island, Philippines

I've been to a lot of places in my own land and the number one in my bucket list is yet to be discovered in this blog, Coron Islands.

After a year of planning with friends, the day has finally come when I have to find out why Coron, as they say, is one of the best in the Philippines, It is known to be as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Of course, my love, Philippine Airlines is the carrier that's flying daily from Cebu to Busuanga! So we took on the flight from Cebu to Busuanga at 5:30am and we arrived at 6:30am.

Coron Island, Philippines

During my first day in Coron, I got so excited to see the town that we decided to have breakfast in one of the restaurants and we also bought some stuff at Balinsasayaw store.

  Balinsasayaw Store at Coron Island, Philippines

This vacation became more memorable with us choosing the best place to take care of our vacation needs, and that's one of the best in Coron Islands, Balinsasayaw Resort. (Please see next blog for Balinsasayaw Resort)

Balinsasayaw Resort, Coron Island, Philippines

Balinsasayaw Resort is a fifteen-minute boat ride from the town of Coron across the beautiful scenery of the sleeping giant. Balinsasayaw Resort encompasses private, family rooms, cabanas, their own resto and offers activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, island hopping, and table tennis. Read my blog link below for more info on Balinsasayaw Resort:
 Balinsasayaw Resort, Coron Island, Philippines

Balinsasayaw Resort, Coron Island, Philippines


Day 1 tour includes:

Kayangan Lake: where the best shot of Coron can be taken
Fish Cage (privately owned by Balinsasayaw Resort)

Barracuda Lake

Twin Lake

Day 2 includes:

Marcilla Island, Mataya Island & Diwaran Island

Makinit Island

Day 3 includes:

Calauit Safari Park

Black Island

 Skeleton Wreck