S&R Cebu Open House this July 12-15, 2018

S&R loves to surprise the Cebuanos! If you can remember, S&R is the first to introduce world-class membership shopping club here in Cebu which is modeled after the warehouse shopping chains in the United States. And now first to open its big warehouse store to everyone specifically on July 12-15, 2018; 8am to 10pm.

Since the first time  I came to know S&R, I have been fascinated with their imported and enormous products! I really love to purchase in S&R as it gives you a wide array of selections to choose from. From international and local brands to fresh meats, veggies, and fruits. Definitely a one-stop shop for us. 

It is the first time ever for S&R Cebu to have its open house to everyone with no membership needed. Can you believe it? If I were you, You have to get ready for big surprises as nine SnR branches will be opening its door to welcome You, your family and your friends!

If not in Cebu, you don't have to worry as the open house promotion is also available to other nine participating S&R branches nationwide:


Digital Influencers, The Cebu Bloggers Society with the S&R associates.
It is an amazing experience to be a messenger of great news like this. S&R executives and associates were united in making this news buzz to all Cebuanos and to all Filipinos of the #SnROpenhouse through the help of the media and the digital Influencers,  which I, personally find it very appealing as I was able to go around SnR Cebu last July 07, Saturday to check and experience first hand the excitement of getting that big cart and strolling around to shop with a variety of options available. Not to mention the BUY 1 TAKE 1 promotions, of course, big discounts, and exclusive products that you can only buy from S&R.

S&R pizza! Our all-time favorite!
And of course, french fries!

From your basic needs to luxuries! Exceptional and great products await you, only at S&R Cebu!  Enjoy!