Casino Filipino Cebu's "Your One Great Experience"

July 21, 2018, Casino Filipino Cebu managers and associates were busy preparing for the big night - the grand launching of the new Casino Cebu tagline, "Your One Great Experience".

And the raffle began...

The night was full of glamorous and elegant colors: black and gold. There were  lot of raffles and prizes filling up the atmosphere. People screaming, excited to see and watch the invited celebrities for this night, Ms. Rufa Mae Quinto and Mr. Bryan Termulo.

PAGCOR marketing team hosted the event

Seated in front and capturing the smiling faces of the crowd made me feel the great experience, I am about to be a part of.

 CF Cebu Branch Manager Ricardo Uy.

"Our goal is to strengthen our connection with our clients. In casinos, we don't sell products but experience. Guests may come not just to play but to have fun and get entertained. We want them to have the great, unforgettable experience when they visit," said CF Cebu Branch Manager Ricardo Uy.

 CF Cebu Branch Manager Ricardo Uy giving us an explanation of the logo and the new tagline

CF Cebu Branch Manager Ricardo Uy vividly explains what their logo means:

The round form signifies the Casino chip.
The word "one" denotes a moment, an unforgettable experience. Pagcor wants to let their customers happy and joyful. The heart symbolizes sincerity and kindness. Why black and gold colors? because when combined it produces a touch of class and elegance.

"We want them to experience the best of Cebu - not only the city's tourist's spots and delectable cuisines but also our entertainment offerings," Uy remarked.

Mr. Bryan Termulo

Serenading the crowd was the sweet voice of Mr. Bryan Termulo. The ladies were captivated with his masculine voice. The crowd was indeed warmed up with his classic medley music.

Ms. Rufa Mae Quinto

Capping the night was the versatile and sexy voice of Miss Rufa Mae Quinto. Entertained and having a great time, the crowd shouted for more songs from Miss Rufa Mae Quinto.

And the last of course was a shower of confetti and balloons as Casino Filipino Managers raised their wine glasses to end the night with cheers to the crowd and thanking them of the success for this grand launching.