Live Brighter with Sun Life Financial

People don't plan to fail, they simply failed to plan - Anonymous

Looking for the best investment? Many people choose to put their hard earned money to buy houses, investing in a business, buying a car and traveling around the world. I am absolutely guilty of that. As for me, I work to buy the things I want. I work to pay bills and I work to live the way I want it to be.

But a beautiful insight dawned on me as I attended the SunLife event last June 28, 2018 at Quest hotel, Cebu. 
It made me realize that life is more than surviving. Your future needs to be prepared and while you work at present, you water your future as you invest it to SunLife.

Sun Life just had their #LiveBrighter Forum held at Quest Hotel Cebu which I find very informative and at the same time entertaining. Sun Life just found a way of educating people the exciting way possible.

It was a trivia night with a connection to becoming Sun Life Advisor and the important keys to note about Sun Life Insurance.  The Media, both the traditional and the digital influencers gathered to know more about the exciting offers of Sun Life.

** On How to Become a Financial Advisor**

Becoming a Financial Advisor is one of the most inspired career choices one can make today. Because once you take on the mission to help Filipinos achieve financial freedom, you also discover that nobility rewards its stewards.
Aside from helping other people achieve financial security, you have flexible hours, rewarding compensation, and opportunities to travel the world for free. More than that, you become part of an organization that values integrity, excellence, and the welfare of their clients.
Professional, winning, caring, and inspiring - the hallmarks of a Sun Life Advisor.

Training programs
Sun Life also provides continuous learning and self-development to ensure that our financial advisors excel at their work and provide quality advice to every client. We have a variety of training modules including:
  • Basic training course
  • Rookie development program
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Personality development
  • Management development course
  • Advisor development course
Make a choice to #LiveBrighter.
Be a Sun Life Financial advisor, today.