HIVE (Co-Working Space) Cafe

A Hive can never survive on its own, instead, it thrives on the unique interaction and collaboration between bees. A hive is a space where they can learn, nurture, teach and work.
...from a single bee to a colony...that is the story of HIVE. 

Opening its doors to the Cebuanos this May 24, 2019, HIVE, a hip Co-Working Cafe. Hive is the perfect venue for people to engage and work with people from different walks of life. It's the new go-to place for professionals today. It's a vibrant space for the digital nomads; a dynamic venue for start-ups who need to work and meet up with their clients online; a safe place for students who need to study and do their research; a sanctuary for bookworms looking for a modern library space to curl up with a good book.  Or a cool place for those seeking for a new place to just chill from the dizzying city life. 

Cebuanos are more dynamic and very receptive to new things and places. People nowadays like to look for a place that is perfect for them to do their work which of course includes convenience, accessibility and must be conducive for their purpose (a cozy & homey space).
HIVE wants to provide a more than beautiful shared office spaces to create environments for innovation, connection and productivity for the Cebu community. For Php50 for the first hour and Php 40 for the succeeding hours with unlimited brewed coffee and a working place of your own, you get to have a very comfortable desk station with strong wifi connection conducive for work. And if you plan on staying the whole day, you can avail of Hive's daily rate of Php 399 only. Take note that Hive is open from 8am to 4am daily. 

Mr. Fritz Alami Selma Cañedo and Miss Paula Fiel

HIVE also offers a wide array of food options to choose from which include all day Filipino breakfast, salads, and desserts. A working cafe that gives you the perfect avenue for building the productive you.

Hive Co-Working Space Cafe

Hive Co-Working Space Cafe

Hive Co-Working Space Cafe

Me enjoying the fast Wifi connection at Hive Co-Working Space Cafe

HIVE can accommodate 40 seats in which you can rent the whole place during special occasions for Php 8000 for 4 hours that includes Unlimited Wifi, 1 Smart TV,  1 Projector, 2 Microphones and a Speaker, 2 Class Board/White Board, and Unlimited Brewed Coffee.  For the Conference room, it is good for ten seaters for Php 650 per hour inclusive of Unlimited Wifi, 1 Smart TV, 1 Class Board/White Board and Unlimited Brewed Coffee.

The Conference room at Hive Co-Working Space Cafe

Cebu Bloggers Society having their first Strategic meeting at Hive Co-Working Space Cafe

What makes it more exciting is that they have their own website: which allows you to book and reserve your seat in advance. Owner and young entrepreneur, Mr. Fritz Alami Selma Cañedo's mantra is, "I don't want to waste my clients' time so I will make sure that everything is easy for them." 

Mr. Fritz Alami Selma Cañedo, Hive Owner.

Pursuing his passion as a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from University of San Carlos, the 27-year-old bachelor, Mr. Fritz Cañedo also took up further studies in Australia at the internationally recognized culinary arts school, Le  Cordon Bleu. Hence, the birth of his business - HIVE.

Situated at the Ground floor of Arellano Square Building, N. Escario Street, Corner Tojong Street, Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City Philippines, HIVE, definitely is found in the ideal place surrounded by malls, hotels, schools, and residences. Plus, with its parking space that can occupy 30 cars for an 80 square meter space prepared for you, it surely is the place to be!

Yours truly with Mr. Fritz Cañedo