Banking has now been made easy through G-cash Instapay!

Experience the best of G-cash as it broadens its options to having Instapay to 30 banks for free! The world has evolved and it's changing to a fast and instant service. Everything is just a click away from your mobile phone.

G-cash users are now able to do online banking just like a bank to bank transfers, anywhere at any time.

I am amazed at how G-cash made this option to make its clients' lives easier and better. Here is what you need to do to: 

1. Download the G-cash App on your phone 

2. Set up your MPin

3. Verify your account by uploading your primary ID.

4. Once verified you may link your bank accounts to your G-cash for easy Transfers, Payments,        and Cash-Ins. Here is the list of the affiliated banks:
Gcash Instapay

Supported Banks
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Landbank of the Philippines
Security Bank Corporation
Unionbank of the Philippines
Philippine National Bank
China Banking Corporation
East West Bank
PS Bank
Bank of Commerce
China Bank Savings
Dungganon Bank
Malayan Bank Savings
Partner Rural Bank (Cotabato)
Philippine Business Bank
Philippine Trust Company
Philippine Veterans Bank
PNB Savings Bank
RCBC Savings Bank
Robinsons Bank Corporation
Sterling Bank of Asia
Sun Savings Bank
UCPB Savings Bank
Yuanta Savings Bank

The first time, I used my G-cash app, It felt so convenient and I felt so powerful! Imagine, doing everything in the tip of your fingers!

 Feel the power in your hands, avoid the hassle of long queues and just transfer your funds through G-cash!

To make it clear, I will give you an example, by sharing to you my experience:

There was this time when my bank, was having some internal system issues and it doesn't allow me to withdraw my cash. Thinking that my bank is supported by G-cash, I had the option to transfers my funds thru G-cash and use it from there… with G-cash Instapay, transfers will be less than 3 minutes on your phone.

G-cash Instapay to Banks is safe and secure. InstaPay is a Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas service being utilized by GCash.

What a wonderful experience G-cash is giving to its clients. What are you waiting for? feel the power in your hands through Gcash Instapay!

Download G-cash now!