The New Spicy Balamban Liempo…

If you are looking for the best liempo in town, there is no other brand that can satisfy your cravings - our very own  Balamban Liempo!

As Balamban Liempo turns ten years this 2019, they have invited the media both traditional and digital influencers to firsthand taste the new spicy liempo there is! made by the owner himself, Mr. Jojo Vergara.

" The spicyness of the liempo are all made from our local herbs so as to make sure that we can easily get the ingredients we need in our commissary."

As Mr. Jojo caters and attends to the need of the Cebuanos, he also devotes himself to giving back to the people of Balamban by feeding hundreds of locals in the said town.

One thing that marked a word in my heart which I cannot forget from what Mr. Jojo  Vergara told us is the secret of the consistency of the flavor and taste of his liempos are because of the same people making their own ingredients -  from the start of his business up until today. He also stated that he always make sure that he takes good care of his people and treats them as his family, thus, he seldom loses an employee.

Enjoy the delicious and sumptuous Spicy Liempo and Chicken with its introductory rate of Php 210 only!