Traditional Chongqing Hotpot is now in Cebu!

Hotpots are the traditional famous course of Sichuan, of which Chongqing hotpot is especially noted, characterized by hotness, heavy flavors, and dense soup. The traditional Chongqing hotpot's materials include cattle guts, cattle waists, beef, and other vegetables.

Spicy hotpot in Chongqing originated in the 19th century. Going to a hotpot restaurant is a celebration of life.
Long Men Hotpot TiongKing in Cebu
The new Chongqing hotpot in Cebu
Cebu's first traditional Chongqing hotpot, Long Men Hotpot has now opened at the 2nd floor, Queensland Manor, Rahmann St., Cebu City. Now on its second week! Long Men Hotpot TiongKing has opened its doors to the people of Cebu from 11:30am to 2:00pm and 5:30pm to 10:00pm Sundays until Saturdays.

Chongqing Hotpot


As I walked inside the Long Men Tiongking Hotpot Restaurant, I can vividly see the traditional Chinese interiors that made me feel that I am in China.
The spicy aroma filling in the air, the colorful lanterns, different face masks hanging in the walls of the three VIP conference rooms are but substantial to making the place very legit and original.
Long Men Hotpot TiongKing in Cebu

Tiongking Conference room


TiongKing Hotpot is quite new to me, but I love how the ingredients are presented and put in the table for us to choose whether we put it in a spicy or nonspicy soup. 

Here are some of the ingredients and mixtures of your hotpot:

Chongqing Sliced Pork

Tiongking Shrimp Dumpling

Home make Tofu

Tiongking Meatballs

Tiongking Quail Eggs

Then mix all the herbs and spices to make up a very savory sauce and dip the meat & veggies into your sauce.

The Herbs and Spices
We had the chance to try this delicious both spicy and nonspicy hotpot. As for my personal favorite, I love the spicy soup, though challenging but I love to try and taste new Chongqing hotpot. It made me know of the traditional Chinese food.

It is definitely worth a try! Bring your family and friends and together have fun in experiencing traditional Chongqing Hotpot, only at Long Men Hotpot TiongKing in Cebu!


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