"From the Land to the Brand to Life. From the Soil to the Soul"

"From the Land to the Brand to Life. From the Soil to the Soul"
This is the mantra of our Chocolate Queen, Miss Raquel Toquero-Choa.

As for our Chocolate Queen, this has been the purpose of what she is doing. Slowly but surely! as she always says. Her dream is to bring the Filipino tradition to the new generation. Bringing Cacao to the table of the Filipinos. 

Our Chocolate Queen giving her chocolate to the child from Balamban.

We call her the Chocolate Queen of Cebu but as she always reminds people, the respect should not stop from her. We should remember the farmers behind her - toiling the land, planting and taking care of the Cacao seeds. Altogether, we raise the Philippine Flag to the whole world.

Cacao Trees

Our Chocolate Queen, Miss Raquel Toquero-Choa very happy to see Cacao trees growing in Balamban

Cacao Fruits in Balamban
The future location of the Cacao Farm

Soon to rise here is the Cacao Farm

         Our Chocolate Queen together with her team doing an ocular inspection of the site.
We trekked, we climbed, crossed rivers and slid through the slippery mountainside. 
And walking her talk, she gathered her team to experience the Cacao farm in the mountains of Balamban. We trekked, we climbed, crossed rivers and slid through the slippery mountainside. We checked the Cacao trees that were planted two years ago. Seeing her return to her home: Nature - made her so happy. I've seen her sing, laugh and dance like a child. She is being authentic when she claims to bring back the Forest.

The group she converged yesterday was consists of representatives from the Management  and Board of FCCT Coop, Vice Chairman of Cacao Council: Sir Edu Pantino, Agri-Business Manager: Clavel Aves, CEO: Nards Sabroso and BOD Vice-Chair: Daling Bargamento and of course the media present documenting the meeting were: the digital storyteller: Aurelia Castro, MyCebu.ph: Marlen Limpag and VP of Cebu Bloggers Society: Glyth Lamprea.

The meeting with the Chocolate Queen.

The meeting was a very humbling experience, sitting down in a banana leaf with dried fish, and corn rice together as our Chocolate Queen encouraged the crowd as she tells them her dream of a Filipino owned Chocolate Factory that will showcase our very own Cacao Farm. It would be an Eco-Tourism spot where people would come to witness how Cacao seeds are planted, pruned and harvest. It will also show the making of Sikwate. It would be a perfect place for nature reflection as villas will soon rise. This would help the people in Balamban especially the farmers.
The Meeting (photo credit to Miss Aurelia Castro)

Our Chocolate Queen, Miss Raquel Toquero-Choa (photo credit to Miss Aurelia Castro)

This is our Chocolate Queen, Raquel Toquero-Choa who is making her stand and starting the work in her own hands. Once a little girl crossing seven rivers just to get to school is now crossing the world with BIG DREAMS but accompanied by faith, prayers and the perfect team who believes in her, we will make this dream a reality. A "paraiso" of our very own Cacao trees.