Up Close and Personal with the Corporate Chef of Batirol: Anthony Choa

Anthony Choa, 25 years of age, a graduate of Culinary and Marketing. 
The Corporate Chef of The Chocolate Chamber and Batirol. 
He works in tandem with his mom in running the Batirol by The Chocolate Chamber.

How did you discover your love for cooking and baking?
I traced it back to loving the time that I had been baking with my mom since my childhood.

How did the concept of chilled beverages come about? 
Flavored drinks inspired by that thought that it's local and a healthier alternative that's why we came up with cacao because of its health benefits. We used natural essence to trick the palette to thinking that there is a flavor and as much as possible it's healthy and local.

What do you offer in Batirol?
Aside from the delicious Cocoa nibs and cookies. Chilled Choco beverages are now available with the following flavors to choose from: Choco - Mint, Choco -Honey and Choco- Salted Caramel. All made from dark chocolate and all made to support the cacao products of Tuburan including the honey. It also comes from Tuburan to support local farmers.

Why Chilled? 
A modern take as we believe that we want to keep the tradition while innovating. We do not leave tradition because we want to innovate. We want to have our own- Filipino influence, Filipino source and keeping the tradition of "drinking sikwate" as our tradition.

If we do start having add ons in the future,  our standards for choosing our innovation are: it has to be local and has to compliment chocolate in support with Cacao farmers.

This is for Php 185.00
What is the difference between TCC and Batirol?
TCC: is more of taking your time to sit down and enjoy your experience of the ceremony or it is more of creating a great experience in using your senses.
Batirol: is more for the people in the rush or to go but we also want them to enjoy healthy drinks and food.

How did you get ur mom's passion?
I am the third of the eight siblings. My mom has many talents and each one of us was able to get some of her talents. Since we were children me and my mom always bake in the kitchen. It was a practice since I was young,  cooking and baking with my mom. It has been part of my learning experience. 
Our family mantra is, "where you are needed is where you will go. We collaborate with mom and my siblings." 

The Chocolate queen takes care of choosing and roasting of beans. Hannah, the spiller of the beans, takes care of the nutritional side of the ingredients and the understanding of the benefits of cacao. While Anthony handles the making of the food and the beverage.

"It makes me happy to see my customers happy and healthy!", the young and good looking chef added.

Visit Batirol to try these healthy chilled beverages at Robinsons Cybergate from 10am to 9pm, Mondays to Saturdays and 10am to 8pm on Sundays.