Kape-Sino and Pan Bisaya from The House of Maria Cacao

Nostalgic, Light, Simple, Pure, and Healthy…

These were the words that crossed my mind when I took a sip of this Kape-Sino from the House of Maria Cacao.

Photo Credit from the House of Maria Cacao

Last Wednesday, Miss Raquel T. Choa, The Chocolate Queen sent me this Kape-Sino and she told me a story of her childhood life when they used to serve the farmers with this corn coffee...right there and then, this reminds me of a time in my childhood when my Yaya brought me to their home in a little farm in the south of Cebu. Her parents were both farmers, they served me corn rice and dried fish paired with this corn coffee. That memory was so special to me because that was the first time that I came to drink and love coffee. 

Kape-Sino with Pan Bisaya from the House of Maria Cacao

Photo Credit from the House of Maria Cacao

Fast forward to 2018, I was able to visit Taiwan and met a friend who gave me a pack of instant corn coffee as a gift from her country. She was very proud of this coffee because for her it’s the most delicious coffee from Taiwan. I remembered my childhood story, the corn coffee served to me by the parents of my dear Yaya. I told myself, we also have this kind of coffee too but I was not able to taste it anymore...

Pan Bisaya from the House of Maria Cacao

And just recently, Miss Raquel re-introduced me again to this Corn Coffee- the Kape-Sino. 

As I opened the cover of the cup, the aroma was so inviting. It made me travel to that beautiful childhood memory. The taste, it is so relaxing...light and so simple. Wow! I just looove this corn coffee...

I am definitely happy and proud that the House of Maria Cacao, finally made it possible to serve it in cups!