Overnights Oats by Angelie Choa

"Another addition to Chocolate Island is the Overnight oats by Angelie."

 As miss Raquel continuously creates answers to the need of the people - a healthy but tasty and delicious food, she was surprised of how Angelie, her seventh child created these overnight oats to give her mama something 
to eat before going to bed.

Angelie with her sister, Hannah (The Spiller of the Beans)

As Angelie said, " I initially did this for mama to eat because she sometimes eats bad food before going to bed, and later on she thought of the people who need to eat good food especially those working in call centers."

Every product from Miss Raquel's Chocolate Island has a story behind and what makes it soar in the market is the fact that it is prepared and baked the artisan way. Truly, from the hands of the Chocolate Queen herself.

Overnight Oats by Angelie

Overnight oats made of TCC Unsweetened Cocoa powder, rolled oats, honey, brown sugar, and Almond Milk. What a healthy way to start your day/ night working since this is ideal for those who work on shift schedules.