The Chocolate Chamber Mini Cakes

As Homo Sapiens, we are made up of accumulated stories. 

Our stories and experiences are what make us unique. It defines us if we are gearing towards survival or living a good life.

I have never been as close to someone besides our Chocolate Queen, but as we both believe and agree in, "Everything happens for a reason." I have known the Queen for almost eight years now. 
I have followed her from the time she had her chocolate buffet at the garage of her house up until today- where she has her stores: The Chocolate Chamber, Batirol, and the House of Maria Cacao. I have always been a believer in her vision. 

With that being said, I came to know her more and what makes it more amazing is that she became my friend, my mentor, and my influencer. I came to know her products and each story behind those products.

And today, I am so excited to let you guys know that The Chocolate Chamber Cakes are now available. And not only that, miss Raquel Choa, also created the mini cakes for our cravings to be satisfied. 

Presenting, The Chocolate Chamber Cakes by Miss Raquel T. Choa:
Old Fashioned Cake

As an old soul, this classic cake has a special place in Raquel’s heart as her baking experience started with the Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake. Simple, uncomplicated, and undemanding, Raquel values the essence of this chocolate cake as her starting point, the vital key to the complexities of baking – from cookies to bread, to cakes and even intricate pastries. Raquel invites you to re-discover the timeless taste and beauty of the Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake that never fades.

Torta de Cerveza Negra

This cake is an ode to Raquel’s Lola. It puts back to the days when the Cerveza Negra, upon the prodding of Raquel’s grandmother, became her obligatory drink during her menstrual period. Country folks believed that drinking beer compensates iron loss during menstruation. 
The Torta de Cerveza Negra eliminates egg and milk as integral parts in baking this special cake. The Cerveza gives it a boost and provides a unique taste and aroma of the deep dark chocolate concoction attributed to the Cerveza Negra as a dark lager. Giving the cake further surprise are the cacao granules garnished on the cake with the mini crunch and grainy texture it provides. 

Chocolate Con Corazon


A simple merienda cena one lazy afternoon led to the creation of the Chocolaté con Corazon or Chocolate with a Heart. Hoping to serve the Founder’s Cake but lacked the all-purpose cream for the mouth-watering whipped filling and icing of the cake, Raquel asked her staff to check other available ingredients. What the staff found was a can of condensed milk. The whisk became a magic wand as Raquel concocted a special ganache using the condensed milk and tablea chocolate. Slightly sweeter than the usual mixture,  Raquel garnished cacao nibs on and between the cake to give a balance of the new and fresh concoction – making it truly a chocolate creation with a heart – made with love for Corazon.

Red Wine Cake

For red wine lovers, this chocolate cake is for you. Originally inspired by the Torta de Francisco, it is an eponymous cake of the Santo Papa which was developed for the opportune visit of the Pope to the Cradle of Christianity in Asia in 2016. Interestingly this cake has no egg and milk as essential ingredients but is surprisingly intensified with full-bodied red wine and extra virgin olive oil.

The mini cake collections best paired with wine

Interesting! Isn't it? The Chocolate Queen's products evolve according to the needs of the people. Her chocolate journey continues amidst these trying times. The stories that she has throughout her childhood even up until today has never been wasted. In fact, it made her our most genuine Chocolate Queen of today. The Queen who always believes in the perfect timing of everything - A time for her stories and products to be made known.

Miss Raquel and I

For the prices:

Old fashioned Cake: Php285.00 
Red Wine Cake: Php350. 00  
Torta de Cerveza Negra: Php325.00
Whole cake: Php 1500

The whole cake for Php1500

You can place your orders and pick-up at Ralfe Gourmet Chocolate Boutique located at 3349 Topaz St., Casals’ Village, Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City. 

You may call these numbers for reservations at 09175561521 and 09176287661. They also deliver via Lalamove or Angkas.