The Chocolate Island by our Chocolate Queen

Cebu’s Queen of Chocolates metaphorically is building an "Island of Chocolates". 

What does this mean? 
Well, because of her flowing ideas and spontaneous concepts, she’s has been making and continue to create a lot of chocolate byproducts out of Cacao. It figuratively defines as Chocolate Islands.

Miss Raquel T. Choa is a gift to us, not only for Cebu but for the entire Philippine Island. A Cebuana who continuously makes an impact for the benefit of her 3Cs. Her Creator, Country, and Cacao especially the local Cacao farmers. 

Amidst the pandemic, she still empowers her household especially her beloved children to think out of the box and be creative to be an answer to the need of the people - to the Cebuanos.

How can one say no to these Chocolates? Mouth-watering, luscious and flavorful yet healthy as it comes from Cacao - one of the fruits that grow in our own island.

Keep on following her Fan Page, the Chocolate Queen for you to be updated with her creations adding up to her Chocolate Island!