21 Kilometers Coffee

"It's all about finding the Calm in the Chaos"
-Donna Karam

On my way to 21 Kilometer Coffee

It was a foggy afternoon in the month of August 2018. I was driving from Transcentral Highway back to the city when I passed by a new coffee shop in the borders between Balamban and Barangay Cantipla.

The paint looks new and I can see from the outside that this coffee shop has a panoramic view of the mountainside of Cebu.

The scenic view of 21 Kilometers

21 Kilometers Coffee
I didn't think twice and I directly went inside and I met the owners. 

Mr. Jumbo and Ms. Vina Talaugon

Sir Jumbo and Miss Vina Talaugon are Filipino baristas who worked in Singapore and were newlywed couples who came back to Cebu to start their own business.

Jumbo inherited a piece of land from his grandmother and he made it into a coffee shop which now is known to be the 21 Kilometers Coffee.

The couple is well-traveled. They wanted to observe different coffee shops around Asia especially Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia as they want to bring the best practices that they got from their trips and bring that experience to the Filipinos.

 My favorites at 21 Kilometers

Chilled Passion Fruit

I was one of the first few customers they had and was able to witness how they slowly evolved. From serving only specialty coffee to providing a wide array of selection to their menu like chilled passion fruit, hot choco, and fruit shakes too. 
I was able to see their humble beginnings. Staying at their shop while waiting for their house to be built, five minutes away from their coffee shop.

During the pandemic, they took the time to widen and extend their space. 
And now it can accommodate more people at the veranda where people can see the beautiful scenery of the mountainside of Cebu. The very calming aroma of the coffee helps in giving a refreshing ambiance too to their customers.

The 21 Kilometers Coffee- Soon to open

The interiors of 21 Kilometers Coffee

21 Kilometers Coffee

For now, they are serving for take out coffee and cookies

As a blogger, I love to write with a view. Formulating my blog while watching the sunrise/sunset with a cup of coffee. I love the cold wind that touches my skin and the smell of the trees which I cannot experience when I am in the city.

The reason why I love it here...
The previous look of 21 Kilometers Coffee

I love the Coffee here too... Our very own coffee in Cebu

The scenic view at 21 Kilometers

Different hues at different times of the day. I just love to be here and enjoy their food while I am having my "me time."

The Talaugon Family