Hannah T. Choa: The Spiller of the Beans

I received a delivery from the Chocolate Queen and the Spiller of the Beans today. As I opened the box, I got mesmerized with the new product that’s in it. It is the newly improved white bread with herbs and olives in it.

White Bread with Olives

As I reached out to grab a bite on it, I felt the softness of the bread and I smelled the aroma of the herbs. It made me close my eyes and slowly chewed it with excitement on what to expect as I knew a lot of herbs are in it. I was not disappointed at all. It made me want for more and it is best to pair it with a hot drink like the Cacao powder drink.

It does not need any spread anymore as the bread can definitely give the satisfaction of eating it as it is.

Hannah Choa, just like her mom has continued creating new products that she believes can make people smile and can divert their attention from being discouraged to be inspired and motivated. She wants to be her mom’s advocate, especially with their Cacao Credo.

Hannah T. Choa, the Spiller of the Beans
C- Check around you
A- Be Artisanal and Creative
C- Carbon Copy yourself
A- Appraise and Collaborate 
O- Optimize and empower people 

Hannah with her mom, the Chocolate Queen

Hannah just turned twenty last April yet she has been with her mom’s side all the time and keeping herself inspired by her mom’s works. She has been developing herself to continue being an ally to what her mom has started.

Banana Marble Cake

Hannah's Cookies

Hannah's Mamon garnished with Cacao de Bola

Scones with mango Marmalade

Cacao Nibs Cookies

Hannah's White Bread

From Banana Marble Cake, Choco Nibs Cookies, Scones, and Mango Marmalade to her sumptuous White Bread (She has more creations to be mentioned in my next blogs).

The newly improved White Bread

C -Check around you
Hannah recalls, “I went out to buy groceries and noticed people started to panic buy.  I realized I could try making bread.  It uses minimal ingredients.  

A-Be Artisanal and Creative
I figured that if I can create a food substitute for rice, then we won’t be bothered too much in case of a shortage.”

C-Carbon Copy yourself
The Spiller of the Beans made herself as a carbon copy of her mom. She works alongside her mom in every creation she does and at the same time, she made herself available to be duplicated by her siblings especially her younger sister, Angie.

A-Appraise and Collaborate
She always considers her mom’s ideas and comments and she also works with her siblings in their designated roles. As the Chocolate Queen will always say, “Everyone has a role to play.”

O-Optimize and empower people
Aside from empowering her siblings, Hannah also inspires the youth and the young people like her who wants to contribute to their community.

She sometimes heads and leads programs especially with the cooperatives and events that would give her the Avenue to showcase the benefits of Cacao.

“Great power comes with Great responsibility”

This is very true to Hannah, yet she gives her best with a smile and with a joyful heart. She
knows that these talents are given to her for a purpose.