Meet JP Choa, the youngest artist of the Choa's siblings

“Everyone has a role to play” as what the Chocolate Queen always says to me.

During my interview with the third child of Miss Raquel, Anthony Choa, he said that all of them have their own share from the numerous talents of our Chocolate Queen. 

As I am fond of visiting the Chocolate Queen, I came to know her children too. 

I am amazed at how her children were trained to live their lives very basic and simple. They know how to cook, bake, grill, and help their mom in their family business.

They are very responsible yet with no demands. Simple gifts make them very happy. They are very easy to please.

In this blog, I am going to focus on the youngest child, JP Choa. The cutest and the amiable JP has the eyes and the hands of his mom.

The fire dragon on Miss Raquel's dress was painted by JP. It is his favorite metaphor of his mom.

Another fire dragon painting was given by JP to Miss Raquel on Mother's Day

Miss Raquel and JP Choa

He is very good at his gift of drawing and painting. He often paints his mom's dress or even the boxes of the cakes that Miss Raquel used for her cakes.

Resourceful as he is, he uses anything to paint like cacao, make-ups, or anything that can suit him to put his imagination into something tangible.

JP is also a chamber keeper at The Chocolate Chamber and an apprentice to his older siblings in baking. He is indeed very young but he already knows what his role is and he is keeping it very seriously.

JP's painting using the make-up of Hannah, the Spiller of the Beans