PayMaya: Don't pay cash, PayMaya

These days, having an option to go cashless for our purchases has brought convenience and peace of mind to many Filipinos. Using e-Wallets like PayMaya to pay bills, buy necessities, or even send money to loved ones ensures that we are able to lessen the risk of transmitting the virus through cash handling. 

As we transition to the "new normal", going cashless for our transactions is a must. This is why we've shared a small token amount to your PayMaya account which you can use to help pay for your household expenses safely and conveniently. 

If your friends are also looking for a safe, convenient, and rewarding way to pay during quarantine and beyond, invite them to download and create an account on PayMaya. We're bringing back our P100 reward for referrals so when they register using your unique invite code until July 15, both of you will earn P100. Just make sure to follow these easy steps: 

To invite friends:
  • Tap the menu button on your PayMaya account
  • Choose "Invite Friends"
  • Share your unique invite code to as many friends as you like
To sign up with invite code:
  • Download the PayMaya app and register
  • Input your friend's invite code on the "Get free credits" screen and submit the code
  • Upgrade your PayMaya account for free
  • Add Money to your account
We hope your hassle-free and secure payment experience with PayMaya encourages your friends and family to go cashless too.