Who would have thought that we can do an exciting tour at Casa de Cacao - the home of our Chocolate Queen? Together with the other 26 participants from Cebu, Dumaguete City, Bacolod, and even from Colombia were able to do a virtual tour in Casa de Cacao facilitated by the Spiller of the Beans - Miss Hannah T. Choa last Saturday - July 25, 2020, at 11 am.

Hannah T. Choa: Chocolate Princess and The Spiller of the Beans

Hannah T. Choa is the fifth child of our Chocolate Queen. She is taking up Nutrition and Dietetics and a great example of "Carbon Copying" from the Cacao Credo of her mom, Raquel T. Choa. Hannah is Cebu's Chocolate Princess and known to be the "Spiller of the Beans".

We were also able to watch Hannah baked her delicious brownies made of Cacao and we were given the option to taste her brownies for delivery or pick up afterward. Some of us even opted to give our brownies to the front liners via PG, our virtual tour guide.

PG Guba, one of the best tour guides in Cebu has now collaborated with The Chocolate Chamber Academy as their official virtual tour guide. Moving forward, there will be a series of virtual tours coming up to be posted soon. 

PG will be posting virtual tour events on her Facebook page: @papeldeliha and options will be provided to you as she will message you personally for the price and the Zoom ID and password. Just message her if you want to experience virtual tours from the Chocolate Family.

From my first virtual tour experience via Zoom, it was very educational and interactive - it felt like a real walk at Casa de Cacao. A lot of things to learn as they give us the real value of Cacao to our health and to our country,

When I logged in to the meeting room, we watched a video about Cacao, the history of how Cacao came to the Philippines, the legend of Maria Cacao and the story of Miss Raquel Choa - The Chocolate Queen.

Then Hannah facilitated the tour at the Casa. She started standing outside the gate of Casa de Cacao and on her right side a Cacao tree. She, then introduced to us how a Cacao seed looks like the Cacao leaf and the nib. As she progressed to her story, she began to walk inside the gate to the patio and showed us how Cacao is being roasted and filtered. As well as separating Cacao liquor and Cacao butter.

Then as she opened the door of their house, we were impressed with how beautiful nature is as the whole gallery is emblazoned with flowers, leaves, and Cacao products.

Hannah showed the way to her baking area and step by step spilling the beans in making her sumptuous and chocolatey brownie. 

Question and Answer session followed as the team was eager to ask Hannah about Cacao and the making of her brownie. Everyone participated.

At the end of the tour, we had our group picture taken. It was definitely a Happy day for all of us.

Keep yourself posted on the upcoming events through Facebook pages of @papeldeliha.