Sanofi's Wehealth: A convenient one stop solution for medical consultation.


As the quote says, "All for One, One for All" This is faithfully practiced by the Filipino families. Why? because our family is our priority. We understand that whatever it takes and whatever the odds will be, we will be holding hand in hand with our family in getting through the bad times.

In this pandemic, it is definitely the most difficult time to get sick. More so, It is very hard to get in touch with a doctor for consultation and even for treatment. Not to mention the risk that you will be taking when you go out of the house.

As the eldest in the family, I see to it that my siblings are safe, in good health, and always on the go whatever life may throw at us. My dad has diabetes and we always make sure that he will be protected from the virus. We give him his daily dose of vitamins and we see to it that we are always in contact with a doctor. We could not compromise his health because of the pandemic so we helped one another to look for a solution.

It was very hard to look for a doctor. We would spend hours on the phone just to search for doctors that is available for consultation. There was even a time when I got so worried that I almost gave up.

Good thing, I was able to know Sanofi's PANATA through a good friend of mine. Sanofi's pledge to take a genuine decision to take care and love our families and I trust them!

Since diabetes is in our genes, I also consulted a doctor and my results came out to be in a pre-diabetic stage. So even if I did not feel any symptoms, I was proactive in having myself checked to make sure that I can prevent it by early detection especially that I have a lot of siblings to take care of. I could not afford to wait for my condition to become severe or late for treatment. So if I were to suggest, prevention is better than cure. It is best to have yourself checked at any possible time than knowing your disease at its worse condition. It is never an excuse to neglect your health. Health is wealth as they say and I agree. Let us take care of ourselves to have a healthier Philippines.

So when it comes to truly caring for diabetes and chronic disease patients, Sanofi is with us - with our family as we move together for a healthier Philippines.

Pagmamahal sa Kapwa, Pag-alaga sa bawat isa. Panata ng pagkalinga at malasakit ng isang pamilya.

It is Sanofi's advocacy to give awareness with focus on Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Kidney Disease. Sanofi is committed to support every Filipino Family especially at a time where access to quality healthcare is challenging.

As a proof point for Sanofi's unwavering commitment and panata to bridging gaps between Filipinos and Quality Care, the organization will be tapping into the power of WE (collective effort) to support and collaborate with our healthcare professionals, patients, and medical organizations an innovators through digital technologies, hence the coming up of #WEHEALTH.

What is Wehealth?

It is an E-Health ecosystem and program that aims to connect patients with doctors and healthcare providers. It's holistic solutions and innovations are timely gearing toward a healthier Philippines. This means you can get medical consultations anytime or have your medicines delivered straight to your home. Quality care is just a few taps away. Sanofi's Wehealth is bridging the gap from you (as the patient) who has chronic disease to your doctors and seek treatment.

Sanofi's Wehealth has also partnered with reliable platform providers such as SeriousMD, AIDE, KonsultaMD, and Medifi as their telehealth providers, along with Watson's and SouthStar Drug as their pharmacy chain partners.

Thank you, Sanofi for always coming up with a solution for the Filipino people. You always see to it that you become an answer to the need of the people. For that, our family salutes you.

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