Serenity Mountain Cafe


Serenity Farm and Resort has a cafe where you can enjoy dining in while looking at the best panoramic view of the mountainside of Cebu. You may have read my first blog about this place And this is just to answer some of the inquiries I have received.

So, the answer is YES! They have a mountain cafe. Definitely, a quintessential place to appreciate nature and taste delicious food at a reasonable price. 

Let me share with you their menu for you to know what to order when you visit this beautiful place of Serenity Farm and Resort.

As for me and my friends, we love their four cheese and pepperoni pizza paired with their cooler of the day. It is indeed a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Four Cheese Pizza 

Pepperoni Pizza

Serenity Mountain Cafe

And the new attraction is the Bamboo lights… feels like you are in Disneyland!