Balbacuahan sa Ibo Danao

If you are like me who is trapped in the city since the pandemic started, you would be in great relief paving your way and heading back to a provincial place with all the familiar “lutong bahay” that you have craved for - for a very long time.

What if I tell you, I found a place in Ibo, Danao that serves Balbacua, Native Chicken, Patotin, Native Chicken Guisado and Deep Fried Whole Native Chicken. And not to forget, buko juice! 

The food is not just delicious but the place brings back a lot of memories. A very nostalgic provincial haven that has green pastures, big trees, and a lot of coconut trees surrounding the place...desirable, right?

Location: 📍Ibo , Danao City 

15mins drive from Danao City Proper "Balbacuahan sa IBO, Danao" is located at the karaang Balay ni Inting-Ikya Manto in Ibo, Danao City and a 3-minute walk from IBO Parish and IBO Brgy. Hall. Balbacuahan sa Ibo will be open to serve you every Saturdays & Sundays @ 8am-3pm for dine-in or take-out and we also cater bulk orders with free delivery.

I had yet to witness the place in this hidden barrio in Ibo, Danao when a friend of mine invited me to try this new place that is known to bikers as they loved to dine it at Balbacuahan after a time spent pedaling up to the mountains of Ibo and claim their reward when they reach to this "Balbacuahan" - that is to eat the sumptuous native food offered by the Manto Family.

As I asked the owner, Miss Dhenden Manto Alvaro on how they were able to start their eatery. She said that it was a creative way to answer the demands of the people as well as their way of being able to earn while they were on forced leave by her regular job due to the pandemic. Dhendhen, 40 years old, and Sales Officer of Philippine Airlines, is one of those people who made their way in discovering ways to start a business amidst COVID.

At first, it was just to start a small eatery during weekends as she and her husband deliver chicken, pork, or beef orders to their friends. Then she decided to let her husband cook Balbacua and a few native foods to give options to their customers. 

At present times, their eatery is still the talk of the town especially in Danao as it does not just offer good food but also it gives a perfect ambiance to give a breather and a peaceful place contrasting the occupied and actively engaged life in the city.

Feel free to visit them or call for orders at this contact number: 0917-8360597!