A Celebration of Life and Love of our Chocolate Queen...

It’s another birth year for our dear Chocolate Queen - Miss Raquel Toquero- Choa. It is such a privilege to know her and to be part of her circle.

If I were to describe Miss Raquel T. Choa, the Chocolate Queen. I would say she is a woman of influence, a woman of poise, and a  woman who loves life and people.

Why do I say so?

A woman of influence. She is the founder and the president of The Chocolate Chamber, an influential woman who motivates people within her reach. She lives by example. An inspiration to people who came from the lowest of the low but were able to soar high like an eagle with her faith, perseverance, and determination. She believes that everything can be done at the right time and in the right place- with God’s guidance in everything she does.

A woman of poise. With the busyness of her day to day life and with her spontaneity, Impromptu moments with her are much impressive than the planned ones. Why? Because her creativity would be blatantly obvious especially in how she does things with poise. Never a moment of chaos with her as she exactly knows how to handle disorder and disorganization.

A woman who loves life and people. She always thinks of how she can be of service and help people. She loves to give life to anything and anyone that surrounds her. Anything? Yes! Because she loves to design her home, “Casa de Cacao” with beautiful ornamental flowers that give hope to people who comes and visits her. Miss Raquel's vision is always consistent. That is - “She wants to tell to the whole world about our treasure- Cacao, the Philippine Chocolate” and with that comes her mission of helping the farmers... as she always says... “From The LAND to the BRAND to LIFE” and as a way of celebrating life and love on her birthday, the Chocolate Queen is opening her Casa de Cacao to her friends (according to schedules and invites) following the protocols and social distancing on January 12, 2021.

The Salita 1521 Room of Casa de Cacao

The 1565 Sala of Casa de Cacao

The Chocolatada Room

The Chocolate Room

The Celebration of life and love of our Chocolate Queen will be a continuous series that will run through for a week or more. For safety reasons, the celebration will maintain a number of people within the premise to abide by the social distancing protocol. On the 12th of January, there will be a mass at five in the afternoon to be held at the Chocolate room of Casa de Cacao and the event will be attended by 24 guests which will be seated separately in different rooms. Guests will be hosted by Jonathan, Hannah, Sir Edu and the Chocolate Queen herself.

Happy Birthday, Chocolate Queen- Miss Raquel Toquero-Choa!