Pinderella's Kitchen


Pinderella - a quintessential place that gives you a perfect time to be in sync with nature while having a good time with your family and friends.

Owned by an English artist,  Mr. Peter Pinder, and his beautiful Filipino wife, Miss Ella Pinder - which the place got its name: Pinderella (Pinder-Ella) as to rhyme with Cinderella 😊 a better way to remember the name, as what I’ve thought.

A 20-30 min drive from the City of Baguio, ten mins away from Ben Cab Museum - with this address: Km 8 Asin Road Tadiangan Tuba, Benguet. 

Landmark: The left side of the road 3 white boulders with Peter Pinder written on it.

What separates them from your regular go-to-cafe aside from the great ambiance which gives you a feel of Africa and Bali is that they only cater to guests with pre-booking and pre-order of either of the 2 sets of food Miss Ella Pinder will prepare for you.

For a real good price of 2500, you can choose from:

A.     Sweet and savory plate with wine or coffee good for 6 at 2,500


B.     1 Roasted chicken, pasta, soup, assorted sweets, coffee, tea, juice for 4.

Message them through their Facebook page @Pinderella's Kitchen to ask for the available slot for the day, they can give you: 10am -1pm; 1pm to 3pm and 3pm to 6pm and they would ask if you are a big or small group so they can make sure you will get to enjoy the 3-hour reservation of the place during your time slot.

Great food prepared especially for you on your visit, a picture-perfect place to capture great memories, and an ideal time to slow down and just enjoy the sound of nature.

with Miss Ella Pinder
(She is a graduate of Landscape Architecture and now doing botanical watercolors, hoping to have her art workshop real soon.)