About ME:


I am Mary Glyth Loie Lamprea, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English from Saint Louis University - Baguio City.

The love of my own History, Culture and my own Country was the start of this journal - Glitterzescapades. The dream of letting the whole world know how rich and blessed my country is, is what encourage me to start traveling and put into accounts of how I was able to reach to that island, the  cost and most importantly to inform my fellow country men, of the great places we have. 

My vision to help the youth know their own roots by giving them the knowledge and a sense of identity. To let them understand that they too have their own responsibility of safeguarding our own tourism. We, just like the rest of the other countries also has the pride to be proud of our country.
And finally, to encourage my fellow travelers to keep traveling and keep knowing more of our history. To keep the eagerness to learn more of the different cultures we have and to share it to other people to gain the spirit of confidence and love for our own country - The Philippines!


Care to share your thoughts!